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Profesionales de la salud

Profesionales de la salud


Obesity is very common, affecting 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 11 children worldwide in 2020. It is linked to a range of adverse physical and mental health outcomes. Unfortunately, many people living with obesity struggle to access health support, and some face harmful stigma. This must change.

Healthcare workers can make an enormous difference. Learning and talking about weight – with both patients and co-workers – is one of the most important things you can do to improve understanding, treatment, and people’s health.

Let's get talking...

This World Obesity Day, start a conversation about obesity with someone you know. Why not begin with one of the topics below? Or choose from our wider selection of topic cards.

Let's talk about... obesity as a disease

Obesity is a disease caused by a variety of factors, including biology, mental health, genetic risk, environment, healthcare access, and access to ultra-processed food. It is about more than weight or 'willpower'. Does your country recognise obesity as a disease?

Let’s talk about… how we define obesity

Obesity is most commonly measured by BMI; however, BMI does not take into account a host of health factors and can be seen as an inaccurate measurement. What other considerations would you like to discuss when defining obesity?

Let's talk about... the risk factor of living with obesity for other health conditions

People living with obesity may be at greater risk of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Do you know how obesity intersects with other health issues?

Let's talk about... the importance of healthcare access in addressing obesity

Without access to person-centred healthcare from trained professionals, most people living with obesity will be unable to achieve their health goals alone. How do you think obesity healthcare needs to change?

Let's talk about... turning conversations into action

When we talk, debate and share our stories we can change perspectives and transform health outcomes. Together, we can be a powerful voice calling for real action. What will you do? Read on for more ideas.


Educate yourself

Obesity remains poorly understood among healthcare workers. The World Obesity Federation’s SCOPE learning platform includes over 50 fully accredited e-learning modules in several languages. Begin with the core learning path, then expand your knowledge into a range of specialist areas.

For World Obesity Day, we are offering a one-off 30% discount on the SCOPE Core Learning Path until 1 April 2023. Use the code WOD2023 when you sign up.

World Obesity members, and users in low- and middle-income countries, are entitled to further discounts. Find out more here.

Equip yourself and your team with the skills to support patients living with obesity.

Start training today

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se sienten incómodos hablando del peso con un médico de cabecera

Help stop stigma

Patients living with obesity routinely face stigma and struggle to access support.

That's why effective people-centred treatment and prevention is so important. How do you think healthcare professionals can improve the experience? The following resources can help you speak openly and sensitively with patients. Make sure you are providing space for people to discuss their personal experiences and goals.

Organise an event

The more healthcare professionals understand obesity, the better. Why not organise an event with your peers? Training sessions, lunchtime meetings, or online webinars are a few options to help colleagues understand obesity.

World Obesity encourages anyone organising an activity related to the management of obesity to apply for SCOPE Accreditation. Accredited events are reviewed to ensure they are based on the latest scientific evidence, are free of commercial bias and offer exceptional educational value. If your event is accredited, it will be promoted by World Obesity and on the SCOPE E-Learning portal, and participants will be awarded points which count towards SCOPE certification. Find out more.

Don’t forget to post your event information on the WOD Map!

Promote your event
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Find inspiration in others

Let’s talk about… how healthcare professionals can improve access and patient experience. :

Educating healthcare professionals in using non-stigmatising language and communication in managing obesity may positively affect the quality of healthcare and adherence outcomes in weight loss programmes and interventions.

Gizem, London, United Kingdom

Join our campaign

Addressing obesity will be impossible without the recognition and support of healthcare workers. You have a powerful opportunity to raise awareness and transform health outcomes for many, many people. You can use our campaign resources in all sorts of ways to spread the word:

  • Hold conversations with colleagues
  • Train and educate colleagues using readymade resources
  • Print and display information
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Comparte tu historia
Find campaign tips and resources