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Todos podemos trabajar juntos para garantizar una vida más feliz, más sana y más larga para todos.

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mil millones

The number of people around the world that will be living with obesity in 2035.

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The estimated global economic impact of overweight and obesity in 2035.

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Childhood obesity is expected to increase by 100% between 2020 and 2035.

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in 4

It is expected that 1 in 4 of us will be living with obesity by 2035.

Let’s Talk About Obesity and...

Obesity is a complex interaction of different factors, for different people, in different countries and cultures. One universal strategy for every person is never going to be the solution. That’s why this year’s World Obesity Day is opening up a wider conversation. 

We want to leverage the power of World Obesity Day to start cross-cutting conversations. Looking at health, youth and the world around us to see how we can address obesity together. This World Obesity Day, let's share knowledge, advocate together, and see obesity from a different perspective.

Let's talk about obesity and highlight its connections to a host of global issues. 

Let's talk about obesity and challenge damaging misconceptions that halt progress.

Let's talk about obesity and influence policy to embed obesity prevention and management in our food, infastructure and healthcare systems, globally.

Let’s talk about obesity and … 

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It is important to not only recognise that obesity is a disease itself, but to consider the risk factors and other diseases linked to obesity. There is often an underestimated connection between obesity and other health issues, especially mental health.

We need to reshape the narrative to reduce the stigma and blame associated with obesity and ensure people living with obesity are supported.



Our World

We want to consider our world and what creates an obesogenic environment. Health is shaped by the world around us and a healthy environment is made up of a range of factors: the stability of our climate, the air that we breath, the food available for us to consume and how it is marketed to us. To address obesity globally, we need to act, creating healthy and sustainable environments where people can live longer, healthier lives.




Young people are never the cause of unhealthy and unsustainable environments, but are often the most impacted. We need to listen directly to young people about their perspectives and what they think the key issues are.

We need to work with young people to create environments that reduce diseases like obesity, reduce pollution in the air, and stabilise our climate.


The roots of obesity

Obesity can be many different things, and there is no single blueprint to addressing it. We all need to understand the complex roots of obesity, so we can take the action that works for our countries, our communities, and our own bodies.

We have put together a number of factsheets to help you learn about obesity and its causes.

find out more about obesity

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